Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fact mag 301 - Kahn

Kahn was recently showcased here and has now made his contribution to the Fact mix series. the mix is quite diverse and experimental, showcasing several different genres. Well worth a listen!

From the Fact website: Kahn is from Bristol, and it shows on his FACT mix: as well as tracks from Peverelist, Pinch, new Punch Drunk signings Zho and Kahn himself, there’s material from Portishead, Tricky, Massive Attack and Martina Topley-Bird. It’s also almost definitely the first time A Perfect Circle have featured in a FACT mix.

Download here

Kahn soundcloud

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Exclusive mix #1

Here is first Low Frequencies exclusive mix, put together by none other than myself. the mix features a number of tracks and artists and artists who have been featured previously on the blog so if you've liked the content i've been sharing with you chances are you'll like the mix!

I hope to have more exclusive mixes up in the future by myself and others so be sure to keep an eye out

Mix #1 by thelowfrequencies


1. Tallan - Recolo I
2. Rob Sparx - Cold Blooded
3. Silkie - Get up n dance
4. Addison Groove - Sexual
5. Grand puba - Get it (Caspa remix)
6. Joker & Rustie - Play Doe
7. Gemmy - Jah know
8. Emalkay - Battlesuit
9. Kahn - Illy
10. Starkey - Blood Roses
11. Benga - Acid lie
12. Damu - Ridin'
13. Dark Sky - Leave
14. Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
15. Burial - Homeless (Sorrow remix)

Your feedback is appreciated!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Joker giveaway round 2: Parma violets - skittles

Joker must be feeling generous lately, if you head over to his facebook page once again you will find a link to the free download of the tune 'Skittles' by Parma Violets

Now if you weren't already familiar 'Parma Violets' is Collab between Joker and the legendary Skream! you can really hear the influences from both of them. I almost forgot about this tune as its been floating around for a good couple of years now, great to see it finally getting released.. and for free!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

joker giveaway - The Vision instrumentals

Joker has just given away all of the instrumentals to the vocal tracks on his album!
obviously the vocals may not be for everyone so its great of him to have given these away straight after the albums release

theres also a huge remix of back in the days by Kahn and another alternative version of the track featuring Ghettz and Lil Nasty!

All you gotta do is head over to Joker's facebook page, hit 'like' and you'll see the link!

be sure to check out the full album 'The vision' while you're at it!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Starkey mix + release

Huge new mix from starkey for Clashmag, featuring tunes from his brand new release on Ninja Tune 'Open the pod bay doors'

"Grime is my favourite music of all time. The energy in it is absolutely amazing, even when things are halftime and dark. It’s really influenced my musical output back to day one when I started producing as Starkey, and Dev79 and I were two of the first people in the US to play the music on radio and in the clubs. But am I a grime artist? I think that’s all in your perception of things and for the listener to decide. I hate pigeonholing anything."


1. Starkey - Open the Pod Bay Doors (Ninja Tune)
02. Starkey - Blood Roses (Ninja Tune)
03. Kastle - Could U Want Me (Blackwax Remix) (Silverback)
04. Stagga - Wild For the Night (Doshy Remix) (Slit Jockey)
05. J-Sweet - Can't Stop the Grime (Starkey Remix) (Slit Jockey)
06. Mr. Mitch - Fright Night VIP (Gobstopper)
07. Swindle - Ringworm (Dub)
08. Starkey - Eris (Scion A/V)
09. Starkey - Beta Tester (Ninja Tune)
10. DS1 - Lost Memories (Slit Jockey)
11. Wale - Tatts on My Arms (ft. Rick Ross) (Maybach Music)
12. Splurt - Red & White (Dub)
13. B.O.B - Strange Clouds (ft. Lil Wayne) (Grand Hustle)
14. SNK & Riko Dan - Warfare (Dub) (Slaughterhouse Rydims)
15. SNK & Riko Dan - Warfare (Slaugherhouse Rydims)
16. DS1 - Red Rain (Starkey Remix) (Slit Jockey)
17. Krampfhaft - Hyper Dreaming (Desto Remix) (Rwina)
18. Sduk - Fire (ft. Central Spillz) (Slit Jockey)
19. DNAEBEATS - The Grippa (Seclusiasis)
20. Wolfgang Gartner ft. Will.I.Am - Forever (16bit Remix) (Ultra)
21. MOVES!!! - All Skate (Dress 2 Sweat)
22. Moony - I'm a UK G (Gobstopper)
23. B Bravo - Kiss 'n' Tell (Earnest Endeavours)
24. Drake & Rick Ross - Free Spirit (Cash Money)
25. Sduk - Asterisk (Slit Jockey)
26. Starkey - Rayguns (Ninja Tune)
27. NastyNasty - Hydra (Rwina)
28. Malilone - La Push (Von D Lost in Space Remix) (Lutetia Dubz)
29. Kingdom - If You Buck (Fool's Gold)
30. Juicy J - Gotta New One (ft. Crazy Mike) (Mixtape)
31. Baxta - Work It (Cheap Thrills)
32. Starkey - Street Rockers (Civil Music)
33. Reso - Vanquish (Civil Music)
34. Labrinth - Earthquake (ft. Tinie Tempah) (Noisia Remix) (Syco)
35. Starkey - Recoil (Dub)
36. Modeselektor & Thom Yorke - This (Monkeytown)
37. TRC - Monopoly (Dub)
38. Dev79 - Get 2 Know (ft. Slix) (J-Sweet Remix) (Slit Jockey)
39. Starkey - Villagers (Ninja Tune)
40. Kuedo - Ant City (Planet Mu)
41. Distal - The Kurgan (Seclusiasis)

Download here

find more info on Open the pod bay doors or purchase here