Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free ep and mix from Reso

little something Reso gave away a little while ago. the mix is nice and chilled not what you would normally expect from Reso but well worth a listen

Freedom Blade – This Will Destroy You
Don’t You – George Fitzgerald
The Season (Swag’s Vocal mix) – Beanfield
V – Sclist
Karma – Jouney In2 Madness
DayDream – Kill light
Aethra – Reso
Afterlife (Kryptic Minds Remix) – Lung
Prawn cocktail (Salva Remix) – Om Unit
Genik Riddim Ft Skamma & Joe Blow – Stagga
Elements of Notice – Kan Sano
Nightlight – Afta-1
The Birds Don’t Fly This High – Lone
Under The Coke Sign – Boards of Canada

Download here

Thursday, March 24, 2011

new burial release + audio

as many of you probably already know burial is releasing a solo release for the first time in years which should be available on monday. it features the tunes street halo, stolen dog and NYC and will be available vinyl and digital.

here are two of the tune ripped from Benji B's show earlier with Kode 9! both great tunes, stolen dog is a fav for me at the moment

chack out Benji B's show here if you're not a regular listener you should be!

buy the release here

Monday, March 21, 2011

Swamp 009

whos feeling it?? love the vibes on sexual

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Icicle sonic router mix

Just came across this one, heaaavy mix! really liking this sound at the moment, on a real youngsta vibe.
you can find the sonic router blogspot here definitely worth checking out


1. Cyrus – The Calling
2. Icicle – Xylophobia
3. Icicle & Youngsta – Momentum
4. Icicle – Ferrofunk
5. Joker D – You!
6. Cyrus – Manhattan Blues
7. Untold – Come Follow We
8. Addison Groove – Work It
9. Icicle – Organic Step
10. Icicle – Anything
11. Icicle – Minimal Dub
12. Distance – Malice
13. Kryptic Minds – The Fifth
14. Icicle & Joker D – Foreseen
15. SP & Joker D – Down

Download here

Icicle Myspace

Saturday, March 12, 2011

night air

loving the remixes that came outa this tune

Friday, March 11, 2011

J'aime Le Dubstep #93 - Von D 2 year Bday mix

A very special 2nd anniversary mix for J'aime Le Dubstep mixed by Von D. This is an amazing mix full of dubs from Silkie, Joker, Vivek, Jack Sparrow, Von silk (who could that be?) and more! been rinsing this alot lately. Apparently has an album coming soon also so keep an eye out!

Von D Bio:
orn into the multi cultural melting pot of the Paris suburbs, a young Von – D found his soul’s conduit in a beat up drum kit. While the riddims of King Tubby fused and morphed into the foetal jungle of Photek, Serge Gainsborg issued instructions from the radio. A fusion chef of bassweight Von D deftly slices into unpredictable genres, concocting strange and beautiful new forms. After forging a professional path as a sound engineer, Von D has honed his sound sculpting skills to a razor sharp edge. With highly regarded releases on Argon, Black Acre and soon Chef’s Subfreq under his belt it’s not difficult to see why Dubstep founders like Skream & Tes La Rok Have reinterpreted both “Show Me” & “Truth” respectively. Far from the shy studio type, Von D has also created a global buzz with his numerous explosive live performances thought out Europe the far flung reaches of China. Von D rocking a dancehall near you soon…

Track List:

01- Encore – Wind Up (2000F & JKamata Remix Dub mix)
02- Silkie-It’s Late (dub)
03- Von D-Asap (forthcoming on Von D’s Album on Boka)
04- Tri Funk – 749 (Dub)
05- Von D & Riskotheque – Like a bird Vip Mix (dub)
06- Von D ft Phephe – Sunlight (Dj Madd SummerStep mix)
07- Vivek – Sirens (dub)
08- Von D ft Phephe – You’re the one (forthcoming on Von D’s Album on Boka)
09- Skream – Filth (Silkie remix) (dub)
10- Von D ft Phephe – Show me Vip Mix (dub)
11- Jay Kenzo – Swarm 95 (White label)
12- Von D & Mr Lager ft Phephe – You’re My
13- Joker – The vision 1176 (Dub)
14- Von D – E von (forthcoming on Von D’s Album on Boka)
15- Mr Lager Ft asher Dust – 4 leaf Clover (Von D remix) (dub)
16- Hatcha & Lost – Al barsha (Forthcoming Sin city)
17- Von D & Riskotheque ft Alys Be – Save me (dub)
18- Von Silk – Snowed In (Dub)
19- Kelly Dean – Battlefield (Von D Remix)(Forthcoming Smog)
20- Von D ft Riya – One Day (forthcoming on Von D’s Album on Boka)
21- Benga & Walsh – The darkness (dub)
22- Joker – Tron (Kromestar remix)
23- Jack Sparrow – Back in the days (dub)
24- Cyrus & Distance – Emperors fury (dub)
- Outro
25- 2000F & JKamata-Dukkehus limited (dub)

Download Mix here!

Von D Myspace

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Free Phaeleh lp

One of my favourite artists at the moment, this was given away earlier in the year check it out!

01 Phaeleh – Cosmik Funk
02 Phaeleh – Hide (feat. I-mitri)
03 Phaeleh – Memories (feat. Anneka)
04 Phaeleh – Soulfunk
05 Phaeleh – Virus

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Distance - mean streak

Huuuuge tune from distance, anyone heard word of a release or download?


This man is on fire at the moment, look out for his debut album coming soon